Helping with systematic scans



76% were positive on robot technology in general.

How does danish rheumatologist feel about a robot helping with systematic ultrasounds scanning of joints?

42 of 410 rheumatologist from Danish Rheumatological Orginization answered an online questionnaire regarding their views on a robot performing an automated ultrasound scanning. They were also asked about their use of ultrasound in the clinic and their usage of the scoring systems already available. Lastly, they were asked about their view on specific usefulness in two cases. The results showed that 76% were positive on robot technology in general. 69% and 71% thought the robot would help in the two presented cases. 74% did not use the ultrasound tab in DANBIO and 58% did not use a scoring system for arthritis.
The negative thoughts on the robot was mainly concerning a true cost/benefit effect and the relevance of ultrasound in diagnostics.

The project is carried out by:


Toke  Kilsgaard


Andreas Bagge Paulsen